Veronica Farm Fudge


We're a family owned and run business where old traditions still hold. The Taylor family started making fudge twenty years ago on our farmhouse kitchen Aga. At Veronica Farm, on Bryher in the Isles of Scilly, we now have a purpose built fudge kitchen - still using traditional farmhouse methods.


Our delicious, buttery vanilla fudge is freshly handmade in the Veronica Farm fudge kitchen with top quality, local ingredients including Scillonian milk, butter and clotted cream. No artificial additives or preservatives are used.

The fudge is made in small batches in pans not machines. It is boiled on a stove for several hours, then beaten by hand. This gives our fudge the flavour and consistancy it is famous for. After it has cooled in trays, the fudge is hand packed into an attractive gift box. The fudge then leaves the islands by 1st class post and is shipped to your door, ready to be eaten and enjoyed.